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Should Parents Worry? The Latest Scoop on Video Games and their Impact on Your Children.

SHOULD PARENTS WORRY: THE LATEST SCOOP ON VIDEO GAMES AND THEIR IMPACT ON CHILDREN   When I started my practice almost thirty years ago, Sesame Street and the benign Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood captured our children’s attention. Disney movies proliferated the video market and they followed a similar fairy tale pattern in which a hero or […]

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Sexual Abuse Evaluations in Young Children

Why it takes an expert to determine if children are telling the truth or fabricating allegations of sexual abuse.

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What Should Parents be Telling Their Children About the Tragedy in Aurora, Colorado?

This article gives parents a guide in understanding how children view death, from preschool to adolescence. Practical guidelines are offered for parents on how to talk to children about death and violence through a developmental perspective. This article offers parents a list of activities they can do with their children to help them understand death.

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