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Protecting Your Children from Sexual Predators

Editorial Review from Library Journal

“The general wariness of most Americans has greatly increased in recent months, but the fear of kidnapping and child abuse has always been strong. This straightforward, enlightening, but remarkably nonalarmist book should bring a sense of empowerment to concerned parents… Clear chapters include an overview, case studies drawn from interviews, and conclusions regarding detection and prevention (e.g., safe baby-sitting rules). Cybersex, the treatment for sexual offenders, and legal resources such as sex-offender registries are also discussed.”

Antoinette Brinkman, Evansville, IN

When Your Child’s Been Abused; A Parent Handbook

By Leigh M. Baker PSY.D.

Now introducing a unique book written by a Psychologist for parents of abused children. Dr. Leigh Baker, Director of the Trauma Treatment Center of Colorado has authored this easy to read handbook from her years of experience working with traumatized and abused children. Each of the eight chapters in this book answers the most commonly asked questions by parents of traumatized children.

  • How do I identify if my child has been abused?
  • How does the legal system work in relation to child abuse?
  • How will my family’s dynamic change as a result of my child’s abuse?
  • How will this affect the future of my child?
  • When should I seek professional help?

A Facilitator’s Manual accompanies the parent’s handbook, designed for use by professionals.

Editorial Review, Parents’ Comments

” This book was so helpful, I only wish I had it available to me when all of this first happened”, “This book was so interesting and informative, I read the entire book in one night”, ” The book was a confirmation for me, reading it made me believe that what I was feeling was right”, “I felt so much better after reading this book because I realized that I was not alone in my feelings”, “Every parent whose child has been abused should read this book.”

For families who use the manual and successfully complete their course of treatment, Dr. Baker says she is “Thanked profusely for the help that I have given them.” She has written this manual and its companion as a resource to help parents there who are also suffering but may not know what aid is available, and the professionals who would help them.

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