Groups for Parents of Traumatized Children

parents The Trauma Treatment Center offers a Parent Group for parents whose children have been victims of a crime such as sexual or physical assault or a truama such as a car accident or fire.

The goal of the Parents’ Group is two-fold. First, the group provides you with practical information about trauma and its impact on your child and your family. In addition, the group provides you with the opportunity to share with others and get support from parents who are in similar situations.

The Parent’s Group runs for eight weeks and meets once a week for two hours. Below is an outline of the topics that are covered.

  • Introduction to Trauma in Children: Definitions, Effects and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Understanding the Legal System When Your Child has been Victimized
  • How Do Children Understand Trauma at Different Ages
  • Traumatic Grief and Loss in Children and Adults
  • Trauma and its Impact on Family Functioning
  • Sexuality in Children
  • Behavioral Management of Children I: Reinforcing Positive Behavior and Eliminating Negative Behavior
  • Behavioral Management of ChildrenII: How to Design a Behavioral Management Program for Your Child