Center for Early Childhood Intervention

Dr. Leigh Baker has over twenty-five years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of children. She is a specialist in early childhood development and the treatment of children under the age of six.

Her fully equipped playroom provides a safe and therapeutic environment for children of all ages.

Services include:
  1. Diagnosis and assessment of children from birth to adolescence
  2. Individual and group therapy for children
  3. Sand play therapy View Article
  4. Cognitive and behavioral therapy for behavioral and anxiety disorders
  5. Parenting groups
  6. Assessments and Referrals
  7. Bereavement Therapy for Children
  8. Treatment of trauma related symptoms
  9. Adjustment Disorders in Children due to divorce, separation, and illness
  10. Observations of parent-child interactions
  11. Supervised visitations
  12. Re-unification therapy
  13. Family counseling
  14. Psychological testing

Making the decision to have your young child in therapy can be difficult, however, studies have found that if children can learn to cope more effectively with their environment, they will become more empowered and resourceful adults.