What the experts are saying

Portecting Your Children From Sexual Abuse

Dr. Baker’s highly informative and empowereing book effectively equips parents to recognize the characteristics of predators and their patterns of seduction before they gain access to our children. After reading this book, you will be armed with the neccessary knowledge to protect your child from harm. I wish I had access to such a valuable resource when raising my own five children, and I urge every parent to read this essential book.

Marianne Neifert, M.D. “Dr. Mom,”

Dr. Mom’s Parenting Guide Dr. Mom’s Prescription for Preschoolers.

This book is very important; it is a ‘must read’ for every parent, teacher, and therapist.

Cloe Madanes, Ph.D.

Internationally recognized family therapist and author of Strategic Familiy Therapy, The Violence of Men, and Sex, Love and Violence.

Dr. Baker takes wisdom gathered from years of research and clinical experience and offers it to the people who can most make a difference–parents. This very readable and informative new book offers a thorough and compelling resource for families and those who work with them. I highly recommend having this book in the offices of therapists, for their clients and for themselves.

Steven W. Litt, MSW, LCSW

Director of the Family Therapy Training Institute of Colorado.