Forensic Consultation

courtDr. Baker has served as an expert witness for both defense and the prosecution in cases involving trauma, child sex abuse, domestic violence, childhood depression and child treatment. She has also testified in cases involving post traumatic stress disorder in both children and adults.

She has provided judges, attoneys and law enforcement with training in the assessment of post traumatic stress in children and adults and in conducting sexual abuse interviews with children.

Dr. Baker provides full psychological assessments particularly in the areas of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and sexual abuse and for assessing psychological damage in personal injury cases.

Dr. Baker has also prepared well-researched power point presentations for attorneys, law enforcement and other related professionals in the areas of:

  • The Alienated Child Syndrome
  • Sexual abuse allegations in the context of high conflict divorce
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its impact on client cooperation, reliability, memory, courtroom behavior and testimony
  • Identifying developmental needs of children to assess issues of attachment, alientation, abuse and recommendations for parenting time.
  • Children’s testimony; understanding the developmental issues involved in memory, and reliability of children’s statements.
  • Domestic violence vs. High Conflict Divorce
  • Bonding and Attachment Studies to assist in planning for custody and visitation

Dr. Baker can create an archive of mental health research in any topic of interest.

Fee Structure Agreement

For a consultation, contact Dr. Baker at 303.790.5585.