About Dr. Leigh M. Baker

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Leigh M. Baker, psychologist, consultant, expert witness and author, has specialized in the treatment of traumatized individuals, children and their families for twenty years. She is an expert in the area of sexual abuse and the evaluation and treatment of very young children, under the age of five. She has written numerous articles and published three books on the topic of child sexual abuse.

Dr. Baker is the clinical director of the Trauma Treatment Center of Colorado. This facility is responsible for the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and consultation of traumatized children and their families. The Center conducts research, is a training site for Doctoral students, and provides seminars on the latest advances in the field of childhood trauma.

She has been certified as a forensic expert in trauma, and childhood sexual abuse and has been asked to testify in many cases involving childhood trauma. She routinely performs evaluations for the courts, police departments, and social service agencies on children who have been victims of violence, abuse, and neglect. She presents workshops and training seminars in how to conduct a forensic interview with young children, using play therapy with traumatized children, understanding the psychobiology of trauma, and the use of the family in healing the traumatized child.

Leigh M. Baker’s newest book, Protecting Your Children from Sexual Predators, is published by St. Martin’s Press. It provides parents an extensive look into a child molester and helps them understand how they are able to gain access to children and groom them for abuse. It also provides a wealth of practical information on how parents can protect their children from sexual
predators by monitoring the Internet, using the Sex Offender Registry and developing safety contracts at home. Dr. Baker has also written a handbook for parents whose children have been sexually abused and a trainer’s manual for clinicians who work with traumatized children and their families.

Protecting Your Children from Sexual Predators has been featured in Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Parents and Ladies Home Journal as well as numerous articles in newspapers around the country. Leigh M. Baker has appeared on the Liza Gibbons Show, spoken about her book on The John Walsh Show and has had several appearances on CNN both nationally and internationally. She has also appeared on several of Denver’s local news programs. Click here for more information and to order a copy of this book.

Prior to publishing Protecting Your Children from Sexual Predators, she authored When Your Child’s Been Abused: A Parent Handbook and a companion Training Manual for clinicians.