Dr. Leigh Baker

Director of the Trauma Treatment Center of Colorado (TTC)

The TTC is a comprehensive resource center for trauma victims and their families. The TTC specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of children as young as two years of age as well as school age children and adolescents. Dr. Baker also specializes in attachment disorders and adoption issues.

Published Articles

Dr. Baker has many published articles. They cover many topics relating to trauma and treatment.

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Online Consultations

We now offer our clients to the convience of online consultations. Can't make into office no problem.

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Client Forms

Need to fill out a form before your visit? All of out forms are online and can are at just a click away.

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Sexual Abuse

Dr. Baker is an expert in evaluating sexual abuse allegations in young children.

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In time of need, Dr. Baker, provides the answers.

  • Assessment and interventions with infants, toddlers and preschool children
  • Individual therapy with traumatized children, adolescents and adults
  • Sexual abuse evaluations and treatment
  • Group therapy for abused adolescents
  • Psycho-educational groups for parents whose children have been abused
  • Forensic consultations
  • Supervision and professional training
  • Sand tray therapy training
  • Financial consultations with victims of abuse

Dr. Baker will work with victim compensation reimbursements throughout the country.

Expert Witness

Dr. Baker has served as an expert witness for both defense and the prosecution in cases involving trauma, child sex abuse, domestic violence, childhood depression and child treatment. She has also testified in cases involving post traumatic stress disorder in both children and adults.

She has provided judges, attoneys and law enforcement with training in the assessment of post traumatic stress in children and adults and in conducting sexual abuse interviews with children.

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