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Ask Dr. Leigh: What can I do if I suspect my child is victim of Parental Alienation?

  Ask Dr. Leigh:   What can I do if I suspect my child is a Victim of Parental Alienation?     This question has come to my attention countless times throughout the years. The majority of them have come from fathers, divorced and desperately trying to maintain some type of connection with their children. Others are […]

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The Alienated Child in The Midst of a High Conflict Divorce: A new approach to parental alienation syndrome

THE ALIENATED CHILD IN THE MIDST OF A HIGH CONFLICT DIVORCE: A New Approach to Parental Alienation Syndrome   By Dr. Leigh Baker   The alienation of a child from a parent following separation and divorce has drawn significant attention in custody disputes. The clinical presentations of the child’s adamant rejection of a parent, which […]

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