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                                                                    ASK DR. LEIGH The past two and a half decades of treating children and their families has offered me a unique […]

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Creating Safety for Our Children Despite the Proliferation of National Tragedies

Most researchers agree that viewing violence does not make a child who is not predisposed to aggression more aggressive. However, exposure to violence does have significant deleterious effects on those children who are predisposed to aggression and violence.

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Taming the Angry Monsters; a Practicle Guide to Dealing with your Childs Rage

I have been working with children and their parents for the past twenty-six years and I have developed techniques to dramatically improve your child’s behavior.
The methods I am about to teach you do work. They can be used for children as young as three and are effective with preschool and school-aged children, as well as young adolescents.
If your child is unable to regulate his or her emotions, and attempts to control your child’s angry outbursts have failed, you now have a solution.

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